U.S. Corn Harvest Quality Report

On February 28, 2012
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association received the Mission of U.S. Grain Council for U.S. Corn Harvest Quality Report.

Mr. Arvid Hawk
Mr. Arvid Hawk
Mr. and Mrs. Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Howell

The scene of the meeting
From left: Mr. Mino, Mr. Tada, Mr. Katsukawa, Mr. Haruno
The scene of the meeting
From left: Mr. Sugawara, Mr. Koide, Mr. Sugii, Mr. Asai

The scene of the meeting
The scene of the meeting on February 28, 2012 at J.F.M.A. meeting room

Mr. Arvid Hawk, President, Global Agricultural Consulting, LLC
Mr. David Howell, Howell Farms
Mrs. Mary Howell, Howell Farms
Mr. Tetsuo Hamamoto, Japan Director, U.S. Grain Council
National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Association (Zen-noh)
Mr. Mitsutoshi Tada
Mr. Shinji Katsukawa
Japan Feed Trade Association
Mr. Mitsuyoshi Haruno, Executive Director, J.F.T.A.
Mr. Tomohiko Oota, Marubeni Corporation
Mr. Yuji Kataoka, Mitsubishi Corporation
Mr. Ryunosuke Nagatomi, Itochu Corporation
Mr. Kunihiro Misaki, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Mr. Takayuki Sugawara, Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Mr. Arvid Hawk explained U.S. Corn Harvest Quality including the sampling, the grading factors, the chemical compositions, the physical factors, and also the supply demand in U.S.
The report depends on reliable data and using a transparent methodology at early look at general harvest quality and it includes a first systematic survey of U.S. corn quality for export customers.
The report summarized that good test weight, good moisture levels, low stress cracks, low B.C.F.M., high proportion whole kernels, high protein level(8.7%), low incidence of mycotoxins, uniform quality across all geographic areas.
Japanese participants asked that the accumulation of data concerning quality, the fixed point observation, the data of mycotoxins.