U.S.G.C 2011 Corn Mission

On November 30, 2011
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association received a visit from U.S. Grain Council.

The scene of the meeting
The scene of the meeting

Above is the scene of the meeting at J.F.M.A.’s meeting room.

Corn Mission Member
Participants at the meeting:
(Corn Mission Member)
Mr. Bruce Wetzel
Mr. Pat Feldpausch
Mr. Tom Mueller
Mr. Randy Woodruff
Mr. Paul Herringshaw
Mr. Kurt Hora
Mr. Rob Korff
Mr. Kelly Brunkhorst
Ms. Nancy Kavazanjian
Miss. Marri Carrow
Mr. Tetsuo Hamamoto
Mrs. Hiroko Sakashita
Mr. Masao Otani, Chairman of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Takuya Kodama, Vice-Chairman of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Hideyuki Kojima, Member of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Masato Sugiura, Member of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Yasuo Sugii,, Member of Purchasing Committee

The delegation member of U.S. Grain Council made a presentation of the supply/demand of U.S. Corn and circumstances corn trade touched on ethanol production and the demand in China.
They reported the 2011/12 crop corn quality as very good quality crop being harvested, high test weights and low moisture, also few stress cracks.
And they added that no wide variability in quality factors across the U. S. Corn Belt.
The Japanese participants pointed that the U.S. Corn growers are working very well and produce a good quality corn, but at the point of the export elevator they are blended as meet to the quality standards for Japan (U.S. No. 3).
And other participant pointed that it is true when U.S. Corn is exported it meet the standards for No.3 because it is certified by analysis by the GIPSA, but when they arrived Japan, it’s quality become under the No.3 standards.
The delegation member answered that we are representative of corn growers, we would like to tell the comment made by the Japanese feed manufacturers to the managers of the export elevators
In the meeting, the future trend of U.S. Corn and ethanol production, the price forecast of the corn, the influence of the TPP were discussed.
At the end of the meeting, Japanese participants stressed, we are very disappointed that the U.S. Corn producer do not understand the low protein problem in Japan, and regret to say the values of corn will be decreased.
And concluded that direct information exchange between U.S. Corn growers are very important, and keep on the routine meeting.