Barley Promotion Mission of U.S.G.C

On November 15 through 12, 2010
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association received a visit from Barley Promotion Mission of U.S. Grains Council.
Scene of the meeting
From left: Ms. Sakashita, Mr. Claasen, Mr. Myllymaki, Mr. Dillin, Mr. Kessel, Mr. Boese

Ms. Sakashita, Mr. Claassen
Ms. Sakashita, Mr. Claassen
Mr. Myllymaki, Mr. Dillin
Mr. Myllymaki, Mr. Dillin

Mr. Kessel, Mr. Boese
Mr. Kessel, Mr. Boese

From left: Ms. Karst, Ms. Ogawa, Mr. Hamamoto
Mr. Sugiura, Mr. Suekuni

Mr. Bruce Myllymaki, Montana Wheat and Barley Committee
Mr. Gregory Kessel, Noth Dakota Barley Council
Mr. Tim Dillin, Idaho Barley Commission
Mr. Steve Claassen, Washington Grain Commission
Mr. Ryan Boese, CHS, Inc.,
Ms. Kimberly Karst, U.S. Grains Council
Mr. Tetsuo Hamamoto, Japan Director of U.S. Grains Council
Ms. Hiroko Sakashita, Japan Deputy Director of U.S. Grains Council
Delegation of U.S. Grains Council made a presentation regarding supply/demand and quality and also production by each state of U.S. Barley in 2010.