U.S.G.C 2009 Asia Marketing Mission

October 20, 2009
"U.S. Grain Council 2009 Asia Marketing Mission" visited Japan Feed Manufacturers Association(JAFMA)
Mission Participants
Mr. Kenneth Hobbie (President and CEO, U.S. Grain Council)
Mr. Tomas Dorr (succeeding President and CEO, U.S. Grain Council)
Mr. Mike Callahan (Senior Director, U.S. Grain Council)
-From U.S. Grain Council Japan-
Mr. Tetsuo Hamamoto (Japan Director, U.S. Grain Council)
Mrs. Hiroko Sakashita (Japan Deputy-Director, U.S. Grain Council)

Attendees from JAFMA
Mr. Hideyuki Kojima (Vice-Chairman of Purchasing Committee of JAFMA, General Manager Raw Materials Procurement Dept., of Marubeni Nissihin Feed Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Masayoshi Nagano (Member of Purchasing Committee of JAFMA、Executive Officer, General Manager of Purchase Dept., Chubu Shiryo Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Koji Mino (Executive Director of JAFMA)
Mr. Tomio Suekuni (Councillor of JAFMA) Mr. Toshimi Kitahara (General Manager of General Affairs Dept., of JAFMA) Mr. Kazuhiro kato (Assistant General Manager of Operation Dept., of JAFMA)

U.S.G.C2009 Asia Marketing Mission2009
U.S.G.C2009 Asia Marketing Mission2009

Mr. Kenneth Hobbie, (President & CEO) , Mr. Thomas Dorr, (Incoming President & CEO), Mr. Michael Callahan, (Director of International Operation)

U.S.G.C2009 Asia Marketing Mission2009

From left: Mr. Kitahara, Mr. Nagano, Mr. Kojima, Mr. Mino, Mr. Suekuni, Mr. Kato

U.S.G.C2009 Asia Marketing Mission2009

From left: Mrs. Sakashita, Interpreter, Mr. Hobbie, Mr. Dorr, Mr. Callahan

In this meeting, Mr. Kojima talked “Corn quality of U.S. Origin getting worse year by year, I wonder if coming year corn quality will be worse than this year.” Mr. Nagano said “Protein content becomes lower than last year, and it affects feed design, and increase feed cost.”
Mr. Hobbie mentioned “Japanese users for feed are important customer and USGC offers information regarding new crop condition in U.S. Corn through Mr. Hamamoto of Japan Office.”