The lecture on Dr. Niiyama’s Study Meeting of Food Safety

Mr. Mino, Executive Director of Japan Feed Manufacturers Association had made a lecture concerning the feed regulations in EU and J.F.M.A.’s activities for two hours in the Kyoto University on December 17, 2012.
Ms. Yamaguchi, Dr. Niiyama, Mr. Mino, Dr.H. Kudo, Ms. Yamano, Dr. Sekine, Dr. Kito

Mr. Mino explained the role of the government and the private sector referring to the comparison among Japan, U.S.A., EU.
Mr. Mino stressed that the Co-regulation in the EU is a good example which should be taken into account in Japanese feed regulation.
He mentioned also that the dialogues between regulatory authority and feed business operator, the Regulatory Impact Assessment, the Cost-Benefit Analysis are also important.