Visit to U.S.G.C. 2012 PART2

Corn Delegation to Washington (Chicago & Seattle)

June 12, 2012
The day after the meeting with U.S. Grain Council, J.F.M.A. delegation moved to Chicago from Washington D.C., and visited Newedge in Chicago. Mr. Dan Cekander presented concerning situation of production , weather condition, supply/demand, price of U.S. corn in new season.

The scene of a meeting
The scene of a meeting

At the Newedge, Mr Cekander explained the market situation and Mr. Matsuzawa, Toyota Tsusho America, Inc., translated it.
From the left, Mr. Nakahashi, Mr. Kato, Mr. Koide, Mr. Cekander, Mr. Kojima, Mr. Nakmura at the meeting room of Newedge.
After the visit to Newedge, J.F.M.A. delegation visited CME(Chicago Board of Trade) then go down to the pit of trading room and had a explantion og the procedure of the grain trade and other commodities.

In front of the CME building
In front of the CME building,
from left Mr. Nakahashi,
Mr. Nakamura, Mr. Kojimja,
Mr. Koide, Mr. Kato

June 13, 2012
J.F.M.A. delegation moved to Pasco via Seattle from Chicago to visit the Colo plant of James Farrell Co. where blend and repack the dairy products.
J.F.M.A. delegation got the information of quality management in the plant especially in the color control of dairy products.

The scene of a meeting
The scene of a meeting

The scene of the meeting at the Colo plant, Mr. Kaneko, Cargil Japan and Mr. HIrayama both attend the meeting. Mr. Kojima presented souvenior to factory manager
In front of the Colo plant
In front of the Colo plant