Visit to U.S.G.C. 2012 PART1

Corn Delegation to Washington

On June 11, 2012
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association (J.F.M.A.) sent a delegation to Washington, DC for discussion concerning the quality of 2011/12 Crop U.S. Corn.
J.F.M.A. express great thanks to Japan Feed Trading Association for helping arrangement of business trip and also to Marubeni America Corp., Toyota Tsusho America, Inc., Cargil Japan for hospitality during stay in U.S.A., this mission was a great success by their help.
In the meeting with U.S. Grain Council,
1. J.F.M.A. shows great thanks to the supports made by U.S. Government and U.S. Citizens to the victims who had been suffered by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2. J.F.M.A. shows appreciation to the first quality report reported by U.S. Grain Council at the harvested and the exported in the last season.
3. J.F.M.A. pointed that U.S. Corn quality is almost good condition except the low level of protein content and hopes 2011/12 crop corn will be good quality and fare price.
Also, J.F.M.A. and U.S. Gain Council made information exchange with regard to the low protein content and the high moisture content in the imported U.S. corn, the risk level of the contamination with aflatoxin B1, G2 in the new season.
J.F.M.A. pointed that for the figure of protein and moisture content would be depend on the difference of the testing method and calibration, and there are no claim from U.S. livestock producer concerning with the low protein content in corn, but only have the claim of low level of low oil content in DDG.
U.S. Grain Council explained the weather and planting/growing situation in the corn belt in the U.S.
U.S. Grain Council express that the quality reports at the time of harvested and the point of exported will be published as the last season and execute the examination of the difference between Japanese and U.S. test method in protein and moisture and monitoring of aflatoxin in U.S.corn.
The scene of a meeting
From left: Mr. Richard Tolman, Mr. Gary C. Martin, Mr. Hideyuki Kojima,
Mr. Thomas C. Dorr

The scene of a meeting
From left: Mr. Imamura, Mr. Koide, Mr. Nakamura, Mr. Tolman, Mr. Martin, Mr. Doll,
Mr. Oshikawa, Mr. Samejima, Mr. Hamamoto,Mr. Uehara, Mr. Kato, Mr. Kojima,
Mr. Nakahashi, Mr. Nakano

The scene of a meeting
Scene of the meeting at N.A.E.G.A. office
The scene of a meeting
Scene of the meeting at N.A.E.G.A. office

Scene of the meeting with J.F.M.A. Technical Committee

Japanese delegation member:
Mr. Hideyuki Kojima, vice-chairman of purchasing committee of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Katsuhisa Koide, member of purchasing committee of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Taichiro Nakahashi, member of purchasing committee of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Osamu Nakmura, member of Technical committee of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, manager of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Ichiro Samejima, deputy merchandising manager, Zen-Noh Grain Corp.,
Mr. Naoki Oshikawa, Zen-Noh
Mr. Takashi Imamura, vice-president of Washington office, Marubeni America Corp.,
Mr. So Uehara, manager of Washington office, Marubeni America Corp.,
Mr. Kazuhnori Nakano, assistant general manager, Marubeni America Corp.,

Attendee of the meeting from U.S. corn industry:
Mr. Thomas C. Dorr, president and CEO, U.S.G.C.
Mr. Gary C. Martin, CEO N.A.E.G.A.
Mr. Avid Hawk, U.S.G.C. (telephone communication)
Mr. Richard Tolman, CEO N.C.G.A.
Miss Marri Carrow, U.S.G.C.
Mr. Tetsuo Hamamoto, Japan Director U.S.G.C.