Visit to U.S.G.C. / Dairy Factory

Corn Delegation to Washington

July 12-20, 2011
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association send a delegation to the U.S.A.
Because of a several problems are occurred in U.S. Origin corn, 2008 crop High B.C.F.M., High Moisture, Low Protein Content, Low Test Weight, in 2009 crop High DON (Deoxynivalenol/Vomitoxin). Then U.S. Grain Council and J.F.M.A. and Zen-noh agreed to have an information exchange meeting twice a year regarding U.S.Corn. By the influence of the East Japan Earthquake in March, J.F.M.A. postponed the visit to U.S.A. for the meeting in May, but by the U.S. Grain Council’s request, J.F.M.A. sent the delegation in July, 2011.
The scene of a meeting
Mr. Kodama, leader of Japanese delegation and Mr. Dorr, president & CEO

The scene of a meeting
From left: Mr. Tolman, Mr. Dorr, Mr. Martin
The scene of a meeting
The scene of a meeting

The scene of a meeting
From left: Mr. Kodama, Mr. Miyazaki, Mr. Uno
The scene of a meeting
From left: Miss Pelkey, Mr. Gaibler, Mr. Erickson, Miss Carrow, Mr. Hamamoto

The Japanese delegation member:
Mr. Takuya Kodama, vice-chairman of purchasing committee
Mr. Hideo Uno, vice-chairman of Technical committee
Mr. Yoshiaki Aoyagi, member of purchasing committee
Mr. Hideyuki Kojima, member of purchasing committee
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, manager of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Masamichi Morishita, manager grain section, Zen-noh
Mr. Kenya Miyazaki, Itochu International Inc.,

Attendee of the meeting from U.S. corn industry:
Mr. Thomas C. Dorr, president and CEO, U.S.G.C.
Mr. Mike T. Callahan, U.S.G.C.
Mr. Erick Erickson, U.S.G.C.
Miss Marri Carrow, U.S.G.C.
Miss Anne Pelkey, U.S.G.C.
Mr. Richard Tolman, CEO N.C.G.A.
Mr. John B. Pitchford, U.S.D.A.
Mr. Gary C. Martin, CEO N.A.E.G.A.

The Japanese delegation expressed the appreciation for the attendance of the top officials from U.S. corn industries.
The Council announced to the Japanese delegation that Japan is a most important customer and the corn crop survey has been contracted to issue a report in January or February 2012.
The Japanese delegation wants to issue the survey report as early as possible, ideally in November 2011 before shipment of new crop depending on harvest progress.
The Japanese delegation explained that the level of Deoxynivalenol/Vomitoxin in 2011 crop was lower than 2010 crop and quality level was better than 2010 crop but paying close attention to the protein content of U.S. corn.
The Japanese delegation explained that the damages and current recovery situation caused by the East Japan Earthquake and resulting Tsunami.
N.C.G.A. explained that biotech seeds with stacked traits which provide a drought resistant have been studied and it will release to the market in 2013.
N.A.E.G.A. explained that high silting caused by the upstream flooding in New Orleans, Louisiana area, it caused to raise delivery cost due to the less allowable draft on cargo. Dredging of the silt is delaying because of lack of budget of the Federal Government. Rail transportation from northern states to PNW also takes longer time and transportation of grain to the coast was interrupted in some points by the weather and flooding.