Corn Delegation to Washington

On November 8 through 12, 2010
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association sent the delegation to Washington to discuss with U.S. Grains Council, National Corn Growers Association, NAEGA regarding U.S. Corn.
Participants of the meeting:
Mr. Thomas C. Dorr, President and CEO of U.S. Grains Council
Mr. Mike T. Callahan, Senior Director of International Operations of U.S. Grains Council
Mr. Floyd D. Gaibler, Director of Trade Policy of U.S. Grains Council
Ms. Rebecca Bratter, Director of Trade Development of U.S. Grains Council
Mr. S. Richard Tolman, Chief Executive Officer of National Corn Growers Association
Mr. John B. Pitchford, Director of International Affairs of U.S.D.A.
Mr. Mark Smith, Marketing Specialist of U.S.D.A.
Mr. Shinji Katsukawa, Deputy Merchandising Manager of Zen-noh Grain Corp.,
Mr. Masahito Sugimura, Director of Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.) Inc.,
Delegation Members:
Mr. Toru Okuma, vice-Chairman of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Takuya Kodama, vice-Chairman of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Masayoshi Nagano, member of Purchasing Committee
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, Assistant General Manager of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Mitsutoshi Tada, Chief Trader, Grain sec., of National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations
Meeting at U.S.G.C office
Meeting at U.S.G.C office in WashingtonD.C. on November 8, 2010

Japanese delegation made a brief explanation of inspection and test results and tendency of DON in U.S. corn using charts and also the explanation of Moisture, Test Weight, BCFM and Protein Content comparison between U.S. and South American corn using data.
Mr. Ohkuma expressed that the quality of U.S. corn has been lowering recently, particularly moisture, test weight and protein content, and we may need to shift the source of corn to other countries from U.S.A..
The Japanese feed industry would like to request that USGC and NCGA play a central role in establishing a quality survey program of corn from all over the U.S.A.
One proposal is to have the two annual information exchange small meetings in Washington, D.C. in November and one in Tokyo in May. Whenever a serious quality problem occurs, like the vomitoxin issue in '09 crop, the Japanese industry would appreciate quick information at an early stage directly to the Japanese users from USGC/NCGA.

Meeting with U.S.G.C., N.C.G.A.
Meeting with U.S.G.C., N.C.G.A.
Lunch Meeting
Lunch Meeting with U.S.G.C., N.C.G.A., U.S.D.A. at DCCoast

Meeting at NAEGA office
Meeting at NAEGA office with Mr. Martin
In the meeting with NAEGA, Japanese delegation explained that the low corn quality has no legal problems as long as it meets the standards, but we would just like you to also understand the lowering trend and to understand that some corn do not meet No. 3 moisture and test weight standards upon arrival to Japan even though the loading tests cleared them.
The Japanese delegation members
The Japanese delegation members at the lobby of Washington Plaza Hotel
Front row: Mr. Nagano, Mr. Okuma, Mr. Kodama
Second row: Mr. Hamamoto, Mr. Katsukawa, Mr. Tada, Mr. Kato, Mr. Sugimura