Japan Feed Manufacturers Association(JAFMA) dispatched a mission to Mumbai in India on December 6 -10, 2009 in collaborated with the Taiwan Feed Industry Association(T.F.I.A.).
Mission members are as follows,
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association Member
Mr. Shuichi Tanaka, Vice-Chairman of Technical Committee, JAFMA
General Manager, Quality Assurance Dept., Nosan Corporation
Mr. Koji Mino, Executive Director, JAFMA
Professor of Rakuno Gakuen University
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, Assist., General Manager Operating Dept., JAFMA
Director General Affairs Dept., Nihon Shiryo Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Feed Industry Association Member
Mr. Yau-Kuen Hung, Chairman, T.F.I.A.
Fwusow Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kenneth Yeh-Lin Chan, Executive Director, T.F.I.A.
Taisun Group
Mr. Hsin-Nan Chou, Director, T.F.I.A.
Taisun Group
Mr. Chen-Fang Hung,
President, Fwusow Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Sung-Mao Yang, Plant Manager, Fwusow Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Leon H.J.Lin, President, Evaglow International Co., Ltd.
Mr. Herbert W.Y.Huang, Secretary General, T.F.I.A.
Mr. Kuang-Hwa Lin, Chief, Taiwan Grain & Feeds Devel. Foundation
Mr. Liang-Hong Chung, Manager, Morn Sun Feed Mill Corp.,
Mr. Jack Ohara, Managing Director, Pelleting Technology Corp.,
Mr. Heng-Fang Pan, Specialist, T.F.I.A.

Participants for the meeting from India
Mr. P.S.Lunkad, Chairman, Pranav Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. A.R.Sirsikar, General Manager, Godrej Agrovet Ltd.,
Mr. S.V.Bhave, Director, Berg and Schmidt India Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Mukesh Mehta, Director, Mebros
Dr. Dinesh Bhosale, Regional Sales Director, AB Visa South Asia
Dr. P.R.Rao, CEO, Novartis India Ltd.,
Mr. C.V.Rao, Managing Director, Janki Feeds Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Manoj Shah, Manager, Business Development, E.I. Dupont India
Dr. Nitesh Kadam, Tech. Marketing Manager, DSM Nutritional Products
Dr. P.G.Phalke, Consultant, CLFMA
Mr. A.Indra Kumar, Managing Director, Avanti Feeds Ltd
Mr. C.R.Rao, Joint Managing Director, Avnti Feeds Ltd
Dr. A.S.Ranade, Prof. and Head of the Department, Bombay Vet. College
Mr. Vasanthkumar, Executive Director, Balkrishna Hatcheries
Mr. Ajay Bedekar, Manager, Carotino India Pvt. Ltd.,
Dr. P.P.Vitkar, Manager, CLFMA

December 7, 2009
CLFMA of INDIA &T.F.I.A. & JAFMA Meeting
December 8 - 9, 2009
Study tour to Port Facility & Venky’s (India) Ltd.,