Australia Mission 2012 PART1

Japan Feed Manufacturers Association (J.F.M.A.) sent a mission to Australia during January 29, 2012 to February 5, 2012.
Mr. Toru Okuma, General Manager Feedstuff Material Division Feed Business Unit, Nippon Formula Feed Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hiyoyuki Sugawara, General Manager of purchase department, Chubu Shiryo Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yasuo Sugii, Director & General manager Feedstuff Materials Development Division, Shimizuko Shiryo Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, General Manager Operation Department, Japan Feed Manufacturers Association
Mr. Hiromi Ikeda, Mitsui & Co., Tokyo
Mr. Shozo Ota, Mitsui & Co., Tokyo
Mr. Yohei Noda, Manager of Food Division of Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd.
Mr. Yoshihiro Enosawa, Mitsubishi Corp., Tokyo
Mr. Kohei Miura, Division Head of Foods(Products) Division, Mitsubishi Australia Ltd.
Mr. Toshikazu Mitoma, Chairman of Riverina
Mr. Yusaku Kai, Meat Section of Riverina

Australian Wheat
・the production forecast is 26million tons in 2011/12 crop
・9million tons of it is for feed usage, in the last year 9million tons
・the domestic demand is 7million tons (food : feed=50:50)
・the export availability is 19million tons
・especially in Western Australia, there are large quantity of damaged wheat
・in Eastern Australia there are large quantity of sprout damaged wheat
・it is necessary to buy feed wheat earlier till the shipment of September before the harvest starts in Northern hemisphere
Australian Barley
・the production forecast is 8million tons in 2011/12
・the domestic usage is 2.5million tons, therefore export availability is 5.5million tons
Shipping slot and logistics
・the shipping slot and local logistics is only a problem to export the feed barley and wheat.
・the shipping slot system differ by the state
Compound Feed Production
・the compound feed production is 12million tons in Australia
・the number of feed mills is 76, top 5 companies shares 86% of it
・there is no cooperative feed mill
・the main feed ingredients differs from state, because it depends on the constantly cheap materials e.g. grain sorghum or wheat

VITERRA, The port facilities in Adelaide Outer Port,
Louis Dreyfus Commodities Australia Pty Ltd, Dairy Australia,
Riverina (Australia) Pty. Ltd. -Part2-
Riverina (Australia) Pty. Ltd., Farm, Grain Corp -Part3-