National Animal Industry Foundation Taiwan

On October 18, 2010
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association received a visit from National Animal Industry Foundation Taiwan.
Secretariat of JFMA made a presentation regarding present situation of feed industry in Japan and JFMA’s activities as following points.
・Japanese Feed Industry
・J.F.M.A. (Co-operative Purchasing for Feed Ingredients, Feed Grain Stock System)
・Legislation and Framework in Feed Safety
・Japanese Feed Price Stabilization System
And made an exchange opinions.
Mr. Chen expressed that they are hoping to make an exchange opinions close to J.F.M.A. hereafter.
Scene of Meeting
Front row from left: Mr. Kato, Mr. Kimura, Mr. Suekuni, Mr. Kitahara, Ms. Kelly Chang,
Mr. Buma, Mr. Sakai, Mis. Sejima, Mr. Takashiro, Mr. Kojima
Back row from left: Dr. Jenn-Chung Hsu, Mr. Mino, Mr. Yu-Hsin Chen,
Mr. Wang,Hsu-Chang,

Scene of Meeting
Mr. Yu-Hsin Chen made a speech of purpose of visit.
Scene of Meeting
Mr. Mino made a welcoming speech.

Scene of Meeting
From left: Mr. Buma,
Mr. Kojima, Mr. Sakai,
Mr. Takashiro, Ms. Sejima
Scene of Meeting
From left:Mr. Yu-Hsin Chen and Mr. Mino

Mr. Yu-Hsin Chen, CEO of National Animal Industry Foundation
Dr. Jenn-Chung Hsu, professor of department of animal science of National Chung-Hsing University
Mr. Wang, Hsu-Chang, chief of planning division of National Animal Industry Foundation
Ms. Kelly Chang, advertising dept., supervisor of Taiwan Tohan Co., Ltd.
Ms. Sejima, ALIC
Mr. Takashirro, ALIC