Food Safety Seminar 2011- from feed to food chain -

Japan Feed Manufacturers Association (J.F.M.A.) held the 2nd “Food Safety Seminar” on November 24th, 2011 at Minami Aoyama Kaikan (Tokyo).
The lecturers are Mr. Finn Clemmensen (The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration) and Mr. Thanabade Rodosom (Department of Livestock and Development of Thailand).
The participants were over 150 including participants from Royal Thai embassy in Tokyo, Taiwan Feed Industry Association, and press.
Program of the seminar
Time Program & Speaker
09:30 Welcome participants
10:00〜10:15 Welcome speech from Mr. Akitomo Noto, Chairman of J.F.M.A.
10:15〜11:15 Presentation by Mr. Thanabade Rodosom
“Current situation in Feed Regulation in Thailand”
11:15〜11:30 Q & A 1
11:30〜12:15 Lunch (Lunch boxes are prepared by J.F.M.A.)
12:15〜13:45 Presentation by Mr. Finn H. Clemmensen
“Current situation in Feed Regulation & Risk Management in Denmark,
- Cooperation of Private Sectors & Regulator in feed regulatory system-”
13:45〜14:00 Q & A 2
14:00〜14:15 Break
14:15〜15:45 Panel Discussion Theme “Food Safety”
   Dr. Takao Iida
   Professor of Economics、Sapporo University
  Mr. Koji Mino
   Executive Director of J.F.M.A.,
   Visiting professor of Rakuno Gakuen University
  Mr. Finn H. Clemmensen
   Head of Division Official Control, The Danish Plant Directorate
  Mrs. Kimura Sonoko Dorothea, Ph.D.
   Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  Mr. Nobuhiro Kimura, Ph.D.
   Professor of Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
  Mrs. Masumi Tsuchiya
   Agricultural Officer of Royal Danbish Embassy of Japan
  Mr. Hiroyasu Ito
   Chairman of Technical Committee of J.F.M.A.,
  Mr. Shinichi Tada
   Vice-Chairman of Technical Committee of J.F.M.A.,
15:45〜16:00 Q & A 3
16:00〜16:15 Moderator’s Conclusion
16:30 End of the seminar
Mr. Noto, chairman of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Noto, chairman of Japan Feed Manufacturers Association made a opening speech.
Mr. Noto noted, “Last year, Japan Feed Manufacturers Association invited the lecturer from European Feed Manufacturer’s Federation (FEFAC) for our “Feed Safety Seminar” and learned that in the EU the risk assessment and risk management based on the scientific evidence are exercised with constructive dialogue and cooperation among the stakeholders covering food and feed chain.
The crucial point of feed regulation is feed manufacturers are obliged to implementation of GMP, but its management is submitted to the manufacturers.
The regulatory authority conduct inspection in accordance with the degree of risks, and verifies certification by private-sector organization. In other words, EU is going to manage a risk with a self voluntary management based on co-regulation to handle expanding risks.
By the information from International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), over 30 countries and areas are going to adopt self voluntary code of practice to produce feed.
We J.F.M.A. set the J.F.M.A.’S Code of practice for Safe Feed in September this year. J.F.M.A. just took a first step to self voluntary management in Japanese feed industry.”

Mr. Finn Clemmensen and Mrs. Tsuchiya
Center: Mr. Finn Clemmensen and Mrs. Tsuchiya
The scene of the seminar
Scene of the seminar