Food Safety Seminar - from feed to food chains -

Japan Feed manufacturers Association (JFMA) hold “Food Safety Seminar” on November 22, 2010 at Minami Aoyama Kaikan (Tokyo).
Food Safety Seminar
Scene of seminar

JFMA invited Mr. Alexander Döring (Secretary General of European Feed Manufacturers Federation) and Mr. Peter Radewahn (Director of German Feed Association) as a speaker in the seminar and made a panel discussion. Over 160 persons attended the seminar including from overseas diplomatic agencies in Tokyo, MAFF, FAMIC (inspection agencies of MAFF), the delegation of Taiwan Feed Industry Association (TFIA) leaded by Mr. Hung, chairman of TFIA also attended our seminar and visited feed mill and a inspect port facility in Kashima (in Ibaragi pref.,) with Mr. Döring.

Food Safety Seminar
From right; Mr. Yau-Kuen Hung (chairman of TFIA), Mr. Frank Lin(Counselor of TFIA),
Mr. Herbert W. Y. Huang (secretary general of TFIA)
Food Safety Seminar
From right; Mr. Frank Lin,
Ms. Ling-Ling Hsieh (National Animal Industry Foundation), Mr. Jenn-Chung Hsu (Professor, National Chung-Hsing University),
Mr. Yau-Kuen Hung, r. Herbert W. Y. Huang, Ms. Tai-Ling Chang (Fwusow Industry Co., Ltd.)