IFIF annual meeting in Rome 2012

October 4 - 5, 2012
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association participated to the annual meeting of the International Feed Industry Federation held in Rome, Italy.
On the roof of FAO building
On the roof of FAO building with Mrs. Monica Fanti.

Japanese delegation member:
Mr. Hiroshi Itoh, vice chairman of technical committee,
Mr. Koji Mino, executive director of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, general manager of J.F.M.A.
In the IFIF/FAO Annual Meeting following theme had been discussed.

Thursday 04 October 2012
○ IFIF/FAO Annual Meeting
General Session 1: CODEX Task Force on Animal Feeding and Other Codex Related Activities
・CODEX Alimentarius Task Force on Animal Feeding: An update
・Other Codex work Relevant to Animal Feeding
General Session 2: IFIF/FAO joint meetings discussion
・Ⅳ. Global Feed & Food Congress, hosted by AFMA, Sun City South Africa
・Ⅵ. International Feed Regulators Meeting
General Session 3: Environmental Sustainability - Livestock/Environment interaction: on-going projects
・Global Agenda of Action' in Support of sustainable livestock sector development
・FAO Partnership on the environmental benchmarking of livestock supply chains
・FEFAC/AFIA/IFIF towards sector specification for LCAs for animal feed
・Sustainable animal diets: an FAO initiative towards sustainable intensification of livestock sector
・IFIF/FEFANA Specialty Feed Ingredients on the livestock production environmental sustainability

Friday 05 October 2012
○ IFIF/FAO Annual Meeting
General Session 4: IFIF and FAO on feed statistics and market outlook
・Grain and Cereals Outlook 2013
・Current food price situation and FAO activities
Estimating feed use in FAOSTAT: towards a demand-driven system
Global Feed Statistics
IFIF/FAO in 2013 and beyond - Summary and conclusions

Scene of the annual meeting
Scene of the annual meeting
Scene of the annual meeting
Scene of the annual meeting

○ IFIF General Assembly
1. Welcome - by Mario Sergio Cutait, IFIF Chairman
2. Anti-trust Statement
3. Adoption of General Assembly (GA) Minutes October 2011 and January 2012
4. Chairman/ Executive Director's Report
5. Financial Report ? by Patrick Vanden Avenne, IFIF Treasurer
・Balance Sheet - Operating Results Year-to-Date 2012
・Approval of 2011 accounts and 2013 Budget
6. Membership Strategy Outlook
7. Review of IFIF/ FAO ongoing projects and potential new IFIF projects
8. Any other business
9. Upcoming IFIF related Events 2013