U.S.G.C DDGS Mission 2011

On December 14, 2011
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association received the DDGS Mission of U.S. Grain Council.
The scene of a meeting
The scene of a meeting

From left: Mr. Mino, Mr. Fujisaki
Mr. Cordero

Mr. Alvaro Cordero, Manager of International Operations
Mr. Tetsuo Hamamoto, U.S.G.C. Tokyo office
Mrs. Hiroko Sakashita, U.S.G.C. Tokyo office

Japanese Attendee:
Mr. Kenyu Fujisaki, Shimizuko Shiryo Co., Ltd.

Mr. Cordelo explained the change in political situation concerning Ethanol Policy in U.S. and the supply/demand, the margin volatility, the price comparison between corn and DDGS, the quality of DDGS.
In the meeting the break-even point of ethanol, the future market in CME, the method of analysis, etc., are discussed.