Canadian Wheat Board 2011

On December 13th, 2011
Japan Feed manufactures Association received a visit from Canadian Wheat Board.
The scene of a meeting
From left: Mr. Morita, Mr. Flaten, Mr. White, Mr. Bushuk, Mr. Sliworsky

Mr. Flaten
Mr. Flaten, Vice President
Mr. White
Mr. White, President CEO

Mr. Bushuk
Mr. Bushuk Senior Marketing Manager
Mr. Sliworsky
Mr. Sliworsky, General Manager

Mr. Iwan White, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Gord Flaten, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Mr. Darrell A. Bushuk, Senior Marketing Manager Asia Pacific
Mr. Derek Sliworsky, General Manager
Mr. Shigemichi Morita

The scene of a meeting
From left: Mr. Koji Mino Executive Director, Mr. Okuma, Mr. Koide

From J.F.M.A.
Mr. Toru Okuma, Vice Chairman of Purchasing Committee
Mt. Katsuhisa Koide, Member of Purchasing Committee
The delegation explained that the de-regulation in wheat and barley on single desk and future structure of CWB.
In the meeting, the supply ability of Canadian Feed Wheat, the GMO issues in wheat were discussed.
The CWB delegation stressed to continue to deal with Japanese customers by applying what CWB learned in long period.