The 5th International Feed Regulators Meeting

On January 23-24, 2012
Japan Feed Manufacturers Association (J.F.M.A.) sent the delegation to the 5th International Feed Regulators Meeting held in Atlanta on January 23-24th, 2012.
Mr. Mario S
Mr. Mario S. Cutait, Chairman of International Feed Industry Federation

Dr. Sugiura
Center is Dr. Sugiura, Tokyo University
Delegation member
Delegation member in front of the Georgia World Congress Center, from left: Dr. Iida,Mr. Itoh, Mr. Kiyota, Miss Watanabe, Mr. Mino, Mr. Uno, Dr. Sugiura, Mr. Kato

J.F.M.A.’s delegation member:
Mr. Hiroyasu Ito, Chairman of Technical Committee of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Hideo Uno, Vice Chairman of Technical Committee of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Yasuhiro Kiyota, Advisor of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Koji Mino, Executive Director of J.F.M.A.
Mr. Kazuhiro Kato, General Manager of Operation Department of J.F.M.A.
Dr. Takao Iida, Professor of Sapporo University (at his own expense)
Miss Natsuki Watanabe, student of the postgraduate school of Sapporo University (at her own expense)

IFIF organized its 5th International Feed Regulators meeting in cooperation with FAO in Atlanta on 23 and 24 January 2012. More than 90 delegates, including feed regulators from 16 countries, attended-a new record.
Mario Cutait, IFIF President and Daniela Battaglia, FAO reminded delegates of the importance of animal feed for the supply of animal proteins, including fish, to consumers and the need for extended food chain cooperation internationally. They recalled the history of BSE and the first CODEX Task Force leading to the adoption of good animal feeding practice as the first global CODEX Standard for feed. They invited the feed industry to tackle animal health and welfare as well as environmental impacts through a broad dialogue with other chain partners, consumers and NGO’s to increase societal acceptance for the global feed and livestock sector activities.
Main agenda are,
1. CODEX ad hoc Intergovernmental Task Force on animal feeding update
2. Workshop I : How do countries/regions identify, assess, rank and mitigate risks
3. Workshop II : Practical cases for feed safety Risk Assessment
4. Workshop III : Discussion-Towards Harmonization- seeking agreement on priority topics for the next phase of the comparison project
5. Workshop IV: Discussion-Emergency Notification update & Nuclear
Emergency Preparedness
Prof. Katsuaki Sugiura from Tokyo University, Japan, presented the Japanese case study on crisis management following the Fukushima crisis in March 2011.

Prior Meeting with American Feed Industry Association on the day before the 5th IFRM
Prior Meeting
From left: Miss Watanabe, Ms Gina Tumbarello, Manager, International Trade of American Feed Industry Association, Mr. Joel Newman, President & CEO of American Feed Industry Association, Dr. Iida, Mr. Uno, Mr. Itoh, Mr. Mino, Miss Takayama

Japan Feed Manufacturers Association invited Mr. Newman and Ms Tumbarello to the dinner meeting on January 22nd, 2012.
J.F.M.A. expressed the gratitude for Mr. Newman as a chairman of Policy Committee of IFIF adopted J.F.M.A.’s opinion regarding Codex TF draft documents to IFIF’s amendment draft to the Codex documents.
J.F.M.A. also asked him to visit Japan as a speaker for J.F.M.A.’s “Food Safety Seminar” hold on this autumn in Tokyo.
He willingly accepted our offer.
It’s theme are,
-To learn the backgrounds of two drafts “Guidelines on application of risk assessment for feed” and “Prioritized list of hazards in feed” which are discussed in the ad-hoc intergovernmental Codex Task Force on animal feeding. And also to learn coming issues should be discussed in the Codex and the direction how to resolve it.
-To learn the present situation of Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program established by A.F.I.A. in 2004.
-To learn how do work “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act: FSMA” enforced on January 4th, 2011 in feed regulation in U.S.A. and influence to other countries.
In the meeting, Mr. Newman stressed that the significant meaning of International Feed Regulators Meeting is that the IFRM is the only meeting in which regulatory authorities and feed business operators discuss about the food safety informally.
And the issues activities of the A.F.I.A., the voluntary self guideline for feed manufacturing e.g. Safe Feed/Safe Food Program, the official Publication of AAFCO, FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, the communication with the consumers, the melamine problem, the Salmonella are discussed.

Lunch Meeting with Dr. Chen-Yuan Lio, ATIT(Taiwan) on January 23rd, 2012

Lunch Meeting
Lunch Meeting

Dr. Mr. Chen-Yuan Liap, Associate Research Fellow of Animal Technology Institute Taiwan

Dinner with Alltech on January 23rd, 2012

Dinner at a restaurant
From left: Mr. Itoh, Mr. Kiyota, Mr. Uno, Ms Kennedy
Dinner at a restaurant
From left: Mr. Kato, Dr. Kocher, Ms Green

Dinner Meeting with Mrs. Thitisak, DLD of Thailand on January 24th, 2012

Dinner Meeting
From left: Mr. Mino, Mr. Itoh, Mrs. Wimolporn Thitisak, Deputy Director General of Department Livestock Department of Thailand, Mr. Adul Permphol, Senior Veterinary Officer of Bureau of Livestock Standards and Certification Department of Livestock Development of Thailand
Dinner Meeting
Delegation member and Mrs. Thitisak and Mr. Permphol